Reflections on a “Partner’s” Sexuality

Quite by accident, recently, I had the fortune to stumble upon a special on CNN about Adrianne Haslet-Davis. She was the woman who lost her left leg in an amputation as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing.  She was an award-winning ballroom dancer and by all accounts felt her “real self” only when she…

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Greek Gods, Narcissists and Psychopaths: What Do They Know about Empathy?

I am often asked how I went from Wall Street commodity option trader to trauma and sex addiction therapist.  The leap might sound rather incongruous, but in reality it was natural in a left-hemisphere, right-hemisphere kind of way. I began my business career in the early 1980s trading physical commodities for what was at the…

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What do, For Love of Money and For Love and Money have in common?

In the January 18, 2014, New York Times, Sam Polk penned a gold-plated opinion piece to describe the gluttonous rabbit-hole of money addiction. I began my business career in the early 1980s trading physical commodities for what was at the time, the world’s largest commodity trading power house. That career in commodities eventually led me to other bastions of Wall…

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EMDR and Sex Addiction

It may not be easy to quiet the sirens of one’s healthy sexual desires, and even more difficult when those desires have become addictive. When I work with sex addiction, I engage any number of modalities or techniques to help my clients make their way out of the maze of compulsions and bottom-line behaviors (behaviors representing one’s addiction) onto the guided…

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The Dynamic Duo of Sex and Money: An Interview with Debra L. Kaplan on PsychCentral

Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age is a blog on PsychCentral about sexual addiction, sexual problems, adultery and cheating in this age of constant connectedness and unlimited, immediate pornography by Robert Weiss LCSW. Debra L. Kaplan, and her recent publication, Exploring Sexual & Financial Betrayal in Relationships was the subject of an interview with…

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