Would You Marry Yourself or Someone Like You?

  The act of recovery means living life on life’s terms. At times this means disappointing ourselves and/or another. Recovery demands that we be willing do this in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Meeting the demands of life is a formidable if not herculean challenge for many of us. More difficult yet,…

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Stop Talking Guns and Start Talking Mental Illness

  I am a clinician who treats complex post traumatic stress and traumatic foundations of sex addiction.  So, I know mental illness when I see it and apparently, many in society are blind to the obvious fact that gun control and econmic crises are not the only crises that merit immediate attention. In a society that is becoming habituated…

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For The Love of Money

IITAP Symposium, Scottsdale, AZ, February 15, 2012 For the Love of Money: Exploring Monetized Rage and Sexual Exploitation in Relationship due out in 2013 A couple’s relational currency may speak to what they each value; yet unspoken dynamics often drive their relating. As such the struggle at hand for many couples is the undisclosed and…

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Sex, Love and Attachment

Excerpt from Debra’s book due 2013.   I’m often asked in therapy (with deep reluctance and trepidation) if it’s a pre-requisite of therapy to explore childhood issues. “That depends,” I say. “I have no desire to dwell in your past but I certainly believe that revisiting or exploring your past childhood relationships might help us…

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Emotional Incest and The Relationship Avoidant

One area of therapeutic focus that often escapes detection and close scrutiny is the issue of emotional incest and/or covert sexual abuse. Yet, as pervasive as emotional incest is, the topic goes undetected as a core antecedent for many clients’ relational issues.

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