Home for the Holidays

As much as we would like to think we’ve arrived at therapeutic transcendence, returning to our family of origin during the holidays often challenges our ability to maintain self care and hold personal boundaries.

Spoken Agreements and Silent Arrangements

More important than a relationship with others, by deluding ourselves by our own blind hopes and/or desires we risk loosing the relationship that we have with our own selves and put our recovery at potential risk.

Who, Me? Angry?!

In how many ways do we express anger and in how many more ways do we deny that we feel anger at all? Anger is binged; it is purged, eroticized, drunken, and driven, smiled away, snorted, smoked, stolen, and gambled

Fabled Truths and Family Lies

Labeling a behavior as “crazy” is a particularly destructive form of emotional abuse that makes you question your reality and intuition. It is almost always present in rigid and shame-based family systems…

Emotional Incest

The “privilege” or exclusivity in being overtly, sexually abused carries an instinctive sense of danger, fear and shame that is not present with covert sexual abuse or emotional incest.

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