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This article, in which I was interviewed, recently appeared in Millie; financial content for women, money, investing, and spending. The article in its entirety appears below as it was published at By Stacy Morrison PUBLISHED JULY 20, 2020 9 MINUTE READ Lauren* was pretty annoyed when she walked through the door and the purebred…

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Overspending in the Covid-19 Pandemic

In times of stress or traumatic events (and the pandemic does constitute a very real and powerful threat) our natural reaction is to well…react! This isn’t a moral failing of will; this is due to our limbic cortex—a structure of the brain responsible for our “fight, flight or freeze” response. Although we’ve evolved, our brain…

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Financial Therapy Helps In Uncertain Financial Times

As we wake up to another week of pandemic breaking news and global uncertainty, we attempt to find solid ground for a fluid new normal. While the unknowns loom, chief among them are our family and friends’ physical and mental health. The depth of our economic uncertainties are just beginning to come into view as…

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Compulsive Spending Can Have Roots in Childhood

Sir Elton John, the celebrated English musician had a traumatic childhood which helped fuel years of addiction. Following the recent release of his autobiography titled, Me: Elton John Official Autobiography, he sat for an interview with Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air in which he spoke candidly about how he dealt with the stress of…

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Couples Benefit from Financial Therapy

Allison and Peter’s relationship is an example of a successful marriage. They are both established in their careers, seem to align well regarding major life decisions and from all outward appearances are happy. Yet behind closed doors one would hear their arguments about saving for the future. Get closer still and one would observe the…

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