For Love and Money

Exploring Sexual and Financial Betrayal in Relationships…

Turns a provocative, literary lens on the worlds of sex, money and relational power. After closing a successful chapter on Wall Street, Ms. Kaplan merged her fascination with narcissism, power and control with her studies in psychology. Ms. Kaplan is a licensed psychotherapist and consultant treating problems related to sexual compulsivity, addiction, money, and relationships.

For Love and Money, delivers an unparalleled and cutting-edge perspective about sexual, financial and relational exploitation from Wall Street to Main Street; boardroom to bedroom. This exploration merges academic investigation, therapeutic narrative and case study. It is a ground breaking must read for those individuals interested in restoring sexual and financial health to your life and your loves.

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With wit and compassion, Debra Kaplan explores how early relational trauma greatly disturbs a person’s ability to be honest and mature in relationship around issues of power, sex and money. An excellent read! — Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependence, Facing Love Addiction and Breaking Free and co-author with Larry Freundlich of The Intimacy Factor.

Love, money, sex, the quest for power, and the need for attachment — Debra Kaplan combines state of the art research, a wealth of clinical wisdom, and insights drawn from her own life to provide a deep and searing light into not only each of these, but, most brilliantly, the way they commonly interact in our closest, most cherished and most painful relationships. Illuminating the secret dynamics of control, submission, and betrayal, For Love and Money, is one of the most fearless, honest explorations of the intricacies of relationships that you are ever likely to encounter. More than explanation, it offers a practical guide for healing. It gripped me from the first page. Readable, compelling, and important — it has the power to change your life. — Terry Real, author of New Rules of Marriage and I Don’t Want to Talk About It.

Debra Kaplan is an author who possesses a unique skill set: She spent many years in the financial world as a successful Wall Street trader, after which she became a nationally recognized psychotherapist specializing in trauma and sex addiction. The result is a thought-provoking unusual book that melds these two worlds as she addresses the challenges of clients whose dysfunctional and self-destructive behaviors involve both sex and money. Providing many examples, For Love and Money explores the childhood roots of these behaviors, money as an aphrodisiac, the role of power and control, and “financial infidelity” among other relevant topics — and also how both clients and their spouses can be helped. It will be an eye-opener for many readers. I highly recommend it. — Jennifer Schneider, M.D. Ph.D., author of Disclosing Secrets: An Addict’s Guide for When, to Whom, and How Much to Reveal

In For Love and Money, Debra Kaplan expertly weaves together sound research and insightful clinical observations that disentangle the complex dynamics that link sex, money, and power in relationships. Shedding light on the darkness that surrounds money and sexual secrets that violate the fabric of trust, For Love and Money is certain to be a book that contributes to our understanding of what heals sexual and financial betrayal. — Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D., CSAT-S, author of Silently Seduced, When Parents Make Their Children Partners and When He’s Married to Mom

For Love and Money brilliantly explores the volatile and exploitive world where addiction is fused with money, finance and relationships. Kaplan’s unique background as a former Wall Street trader turned therapist and educator makes her the perfect person to guide the reader on an illuminating journey into the jaws of sexual exploitation, aggressive power tactics, money obsession, eroticized rage, and relational power. This riveting and timely page turner will be sure to leave the reader hungry for more. — Stefanie Carnes, PhD, LMFT, author of Mending A Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts and Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts