In Their Own Words…

In Debra I found a therapist who was direct, skilled and compassionate. Our work together helped me challenge myself after too many unsuccessful attempts in therapy. — Ben

My work with Debra was invaluable. Debra has the uncanny ability to understand the underlying issues and now…I do too! — Mike, Recovering Sex Addict 

Debra’s approach is to the point and direct which is what I needed to challenge my false thinking and negative beliefs. I believe that my progress was the result of my work with Debra. — Chris, Recovering Trauma Survivor 

I wish I had found Debra sooner. Debra’s approach to working with trauma and addiction was life changing! — Diane

I am grateful to Debra for the safe therapeutic relationship. In my life I was afraid of my feelings. Now I have the skills to listen to my body and my emotions. — Anonymous