Financial Domination

I am a licensed clinician, author and lecturer specializing in the complex dynamics of sex, money, and power. In 2013, after I published, For Love and Money: Exploring Financial Betrayal in Relationships, new and established (mostly male) clients, along with clinicians seeking consultation about their clients, began to inquire about an eroticized non-sexual practice. Enter Financial Domination…

Financial Domination Explained

Financial Domination, commonly referred to as FinDom, is a sexual practice that prior to 2013 was known beyond the realm of the BDSM and kink communities (BDSM is a term for sexual practices that include bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadism).

This erotic non-sexual practice is a power exchange between a female dominant (a dominant is typically female but males have begun to occupy the role) and a submissive (numbers suggest that the cohort is mostly male). The exchanges between a findomme and their money slave are virtual, through webcam, video-call, or phone. A domme engages in visible displays of humiliation by way of language, voice, and feelings to fulfil the fantasy for a client. Text is rare but to enhance intentional control of the sub.

What Financial Domination Isn’t

FinDom has garnered widespread attention for due to an increased prevalence and fascination about this eroticized power exchange. Covid amplified an immediate need for physical distance but Financial Domination had a hold on virtual closeness before the world knew it needed social distancing.

Advances in technology and the emergence of AI generated content enhanced sexual connection and closeness via a virtual world. Over the past decade television and social media fueled a fascination (perhaps, intrigue about) this financial fetish.

For all that Financial Domination is, FinDom is not considered a coerced exploitation of a male submissive by a dominant. That being said, with the rise of Findom has come a rise in the incidence of online scams perpetrated by “instadommes” of individuals who seek attention and erotic exchange. Those who identify as having a sexual compulsion or addiction may become inadvertently involved with FinDom and exploited by those who falsely portray themselves as a Financial Dominatrix. Rather than a consensual arrangement the unaware may find themselves exploited or extorted for money. By definition of Financial Domination, FinDommes are into the power exchange and the play rather than the get-rich-quick scheme, more in line with Only Fans or Sugar Baby/Daddy sites.

Getting Support When Support Is Needed

It may be difficult to understand how erotic pleasure is derived by being humiliated, and for which one gives up some or a lot of their monetary assets to a person whom they have likely never met in person. Money represents power, but Financial Domination is more than about money. The exchange involves power, submission, dominance, control, humiliation, and psychological pain and pleasure. The erotic release may hinge on money but the desires are complex and have different emotional and psychological underpinnings for everyone.

Expert therapy and consultation is available to understand this financial non-sexual fetish:

  • Individuals who engage in this fetish despite their own discomfort with an escalation in their sexual fantasy and desire.
  • Partners who discover large sums of money that are withdrawn from their savings or retirement.
  • Professionals (clinical and financial) who wish to better understand, and address, this financial power dynamic in their practices.