Financial Therapy

Financial therapy combines therapeutic and financial competencies by addressing financial goals and challenges. A financial therapist attunes to the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and family-of-origin influences in order to promote financial health and success.

Traumatic childhood experiences can set in motion unhealthy attachments to sex, love, money and work. Adult life consequences result in an over and/or under-valuing of these and other compensations for a low self-worth. As a result of these unhealthy beliefs there is a strong potential for addictions, depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma, and attachment disorders in adult life related to:

  • Sex and money
  • Financial exploitation of significant other (Monetized Rage)
  • Perpetual search for more ______ (Wealth, Sex, Power, Control…)
  • Healthy relational communication about intimacy, sex and money
  • Financial control and manipulation in sexual and intimate relationships
  • Financial infidelity involving sex, money and work
  • Unresolved childhood trauma
  • Family patterns regarding money and work
  • Healthy coping skills

Getting Help

Debra conducts personalized financial intensives and couples financial workshops to help individuals and couples heal their struggle with money and work. Just as sex can be used to self medicate stress, shame and pain; so, too, can money and work.

Debra will help you resolve the underlying life stressors and emotional wounds that have been “numbed” with obsessive, adrenaline-rush-inducing thoughts and behaviors—be it the high of closing a high-stakes deal, the excitement of a new sexual conquest, the power of controlling a spouse or partner via money or sex, or some combination thereof.

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