Debt: The Silent Partner in Your Relationship

For couples who seek help for conflicts regarding sex and money, undisclosed debt in a relationship might be the silent partner in the therapy session. I recently had the pleasure to contribute to this article published by Barri Segal on   “Millennials are the most likely debtors Debra L. Kaplan is an Arizona-based psychotherapist who…

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Power Dynamics and Management of Thirds: Avoiding Triangulation in Therapy

Couple therapy is challenging, and some clinicians find it too intimidating to attempt. They worry, for example, that a misattuned observation could alienate not just one but both partners. There are also potential issues involving tact, timing of interventions, and poor management of session structure. Enter PACT. What is PACT? The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT) draws on…

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Sex, Money and Power in the News

Below is an article discussing the elements of sex, money and power in recovery for Understanding how early attachment in childhood and later in our adult relationships helps maintain sobriety and recovery. Sex, Money, and Power in Recovery By Dufflyn Lammers 08/09/18 What are the things you can’t live without in a relationship? Those are your…

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Sex, Money & Power: Revisioning The Therapeutic Narrative

Power dynamics involving sexual and financial abuse often hidden behind closed doors, became public outrage when sexual harassment and abuse allegations surfaced in late 2017. A series of articles and investigative reporting resulted in noted industry titans being exposed for their long standing exploitation. Their predatory exploits moved from backroom settlements to front page fodder…

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Sexual Betrayal and Revenge Spending

I recently sat down with Brady Porche to discuss the issues of revenge spending and marital infidelity. What follows is the published article on “More than a third of Americans who have lent credit cards to other people ended up getting stiffed, according to a new poll. In our survey of 2,253 U.S. adults, 49 percent…

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