The Sex Addiction Battleground

Sex addiction recently found itself, once again, in the headlines following reports that Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman from New York, had entered treatment for sex addiction.  On the heels of his latest and third scandal in which Mr. Weiner was discovered to be sexting with dozens of women and an underage female, not only…

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Sex, Money and Power

JOIN US on March 10 or 11, 2016 in Austin or Dallas, Texas for an exciting 2.5 hr. workshop exploring personal money scripts in the Family-of-Origin, relational currency, and tools to restore financial balance in relationships. These experiential workshops will sample and debut the newly scheduled July 2016, 2.5 day intensives geared toward the clinician who…

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Why I Am A Sex Addiction Therapist

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means, first, do no harm.  This phrase is widely attributed to the Hippocratic Oath; the oath taken by new physicians to uphold ethical standards of care, although in truth the actual phrase is not written into the original version of the oath itself. Nonetheless, whether mandated or implied most doctors, therapists…

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Healing From Emotional Incest

According to his mother, Will always stood out as being the most challenging to parent, the one who struggled to make friends in middle school and the one who she saw as vulnerable to depressive episodes and stress. So it was a difficult time for Will when his parents divorced.  In truth it was a…

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The Betrayal of Ashley Madison

There are times when a tsunami of news events coalesce to create such astonishment that its very occurrence is unparalleled by its spectacle alone.  Ashley Madison, the website for married people to search for affair partners was, until last month, parading almost naked on the internet until  their owner, Avid Life Media, was threatened with…

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