Healing From Emotional Incest

According to his mother, Will always stood out as being the most challenging to parent, the one who struggled to make friends in middle school and the one who she saw as vulnerable to depressive episodes and stress. So it was a difficult time for Will when his parents divorced.  In truth it was a…

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The Betrayal of Ashley Madison

There are times when a tsunami of news events coalesce to create such astonishment that its very occurrence is unparalleled by its spectacle alone.  Ashley Madison, the website for married people to search for affair partners was, until last month, parading almost naked on the internet until  their owner, Avid Life Media, was threatened with…

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Using Discretion When Being Indiscreet

It’s no surprise for many who are active on social media about the hack to Ashley Madison’s database of user profiles. However, what is still a surprise to most who have reacted in horror is the extent to which people still believe that indiscretion can remain illicit and successfully pulled off in a vacuum.  My friend and colleague, Rob…

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The One-Two Punch of Sexual and Financial Betrayal

Destructive experiences stemming from sexual and financial betrayal are never too far from example. In a recently published article in The New York Times, “Divorce Funding Firms Help Spouses Expecting Big Payouts,” the details of a wife’s financial ruin brought on by her spouse’s chronic infidelity, addiction to pornography and gambling are detailed. This confluence, yet again, of sexual and financial betrayal…

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The Economics of Happiness

According to a newly released report the world’s richest 1% is likely to control half of the world’s wealth by 2016. This report, released by Oxfam, a 17-member international organization working in global collaboration to fight against world poverty, offered up this finding that was timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos,…

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