Love Is The Drug: Sex & Relationship Addiction

I am often asked, “What exactly is Sex and Love addiction?” Or, “How can a person have too much sex or love too much?” To answer the question what is Sex and Love addiction, we might first begin with the question, “What is addiction?” According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is, “A primary,…

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Mining Bitcoin : How A Financial Dominatrix Found Gold In Cryptocurrencies

For the uninitiated financial domination or ‘findom’ for short  is a fetish involving a submissive  (usually a male) being “forced” to give money, gifts or tributes to a dominant (usually a female). Terms that refer to this exchange such as money slave, paypig, moneypig, walletslave, wallet rape are all part of the power play and control that eroticizes…

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Sex Therapists Weigh in on Harvey Weinstein in Rehab

Click here to read Debra Kaplan’s interview with Marianne Garvey, editor of bravotv’s Personal Space about Harvey Weinstein and his use of sex, money and power.

Why Harvey Weinstein Is Not a Sex Addict, He’s a Sexual Predator

Hollywood loves a good story, certainly one that involves a villain, a damsel in distress, a take-down and an ending with poetic justice; all of which were premiered in the evolving and explosive sex scandal implicating Harvey Weinstein, film producer and former film studio director.  The news about Mr. Weinstein was first published in the…

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Emotional Incest: The Covert Abuse in the Relationship

Few intimacy problems raise more questions and confused looks than Emotional Incest.  Why? Because the power and influence of Emotional Incest significantly impacts healthy intimacy with covert yet destructive forces. These forces may underlie the more overt issues that couples argue about; Money, sex, children, or time with family. Such is the covert nature of Emotional Incest. The power…

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