Sexual Addiction vs. Sex Offending

Trained and experienced therapists among us who treat organic, sexual disorders and sexual compulsivity grapple with the theoretical and real-life meaning and definition of human behavior. No two therapists may see eye to eye on what constitutes a clinical description for sex addiction—an issue currently debated before the American Psychiatric Association.

Borderline Personality and Sex Addiction – Interesting Bedfellows

Few spouses comport themselves with grace in the face of betrayal, yet the insinuation or diagnosis of borderline disorder is all too readily affixed. And by brandishing the borderline label, the clinical community serves to reactivate the emotional wounding and reinjure the person already reeling from betrayal and violation.

Notes From Tucson

One’s ability to handle a traumatic experience(s) is not formulaic. Further, no two individuals will respond nor manage the distress in quite the same way. For some, violent acts [such as this], will elicit a healthy call-to-action in the service of political or social change. For others these events might induce an emotional decompensation rendering them emotionally unable to function as before.

Home for the Holidays

As much as we would like to think we’ve arrived at therapeutic transcendence, returning to our family of origin during the holidays often challenges our ability to maintain self care and hold personal boundaries.

Spoken Agreements and Silent Arrangements

More important than a relationship with others, by deluding ourselves by our own blind hopes and/or desires we risk loosing the relationship that we have with our own selves and put our recovery at potential risk.

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