For The Love of Money

IITAP Symposium, Scottsdale, AZ, February 15, 2012

For the Love of Money: Exploring Monetized Rage and Sexual Exploitation in Relationship due out in 2013

A couple’s relational currency may speak to what they each value; yet unspoken dynamics often drive their relating. As such the struggle at hand for many couples is the undisclosed and unexplored angers that often drive their relational process. Individuals may join togetherand/or marry for mutual love, emotional or financial security, convenience, legal status, or even loneliness, but in the realm of sexual addiction that connection is breached by sexual or emotional infidelity. As if our work with couples isn’t difficult enough what is a therapist to do when monetized rage and sexual exploitation fuse to create a volatile coefficient in coupleship? Drawing on her years on Wall Street, Debra will examine the concepts of monetized rage and sexual exploitation including how this dynamic puts many couples at continued risk for relational distress and/or dissolution. Included in the discussion will be the MAWASI and SDI as tools for identification.